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And as Sweet as Ever!

Looking for the most unique and delicious gourmet chocolate birthday gifts to send someone special?

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three steps for fathers day candy

1. Choose Your Chocolate

Whether you’re treating yourself or celebrating a friend, gourmet birthday chocolates are hard to beat! Purchase by the pound or choose a premade box of handmade chocolate for a birthday gift.

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2. We Prepare the Chocolate

We prepare each piece of gourmet birthday chocolate by hand. From toffee to turtles, our team in Nappanee works hard to ensure that every order is made to delicious perfection. 

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3. Enjoy the Taste

Your birthday chocolates are beautifully packed inside a gorgeous gift box which can be picked up at our shop or delivered directly to your door. Either way, “Happy, delicious Birthday!”

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Customize a Birthday Chocolate Box

Why send a box of prepackaged chocolates when you can personally create your own? Simply choose what you want in the box, we will package it and send it to you or whoever you choose!

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