Bring Love in a Dark Time

Send a Gift of Love to one in Sorrow

We all share in the grief of others throughout our lives and wonder how to lighten the load. For centuries, gifts in times of sorrow have shown people that others care. A gift of chocolate could bring sweetness in a most bitter time.

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Give a Gift of Sweetness in Sorrow


1. Choose Your Chocolate

We make your gift giving during a season of pain easy. First, you choose a gift of sweetness for the one you wish to share with.


2. We Prepare the Chocolate

We prepare the chocolate in our shop in Nappanee, Indiana then carefully assemble an ornate box to ship to the address you indicate on the order.


3. Enjoy the Taste

Your friend or loved one will taste your love in each bite as they carefully bite into each piece of handmade chocolate. Get started now!

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Your Custom Selection of Sympathy Sweets

Rather than simply buying a box of mixed chocolate, send your loved one a customized box with the pieces you know they will love most. Simply choose the number of pieces you wish to send and we’ll take care of the rest.

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