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Chocolate for Clients and Employees

There are few ways better to say thank you than with a box of chocolate. Whether it is to say thank you to a client for their loyalty, or a gift to employees at Christmas, Veni’s will work with you to leave a memorable impression.

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Chocolate Gifts for Business

You come to the end of a project and want to say “thank you for your business” or to the holiday season and want a unique gift to share with customers and employees. At Veni’s, we work with you to create a unique and special gift to show appreciation and to leave an impression. Imagine your own logo on a piece of chocolate with a colorful mix of dark, milk and white chocolate candies.

Chocolate And Nuts Christmas Gift Box

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Chocolate Is for Showing Appreciation


1. Choose Your Gift Style

Choose from a variety of carefully crafted chocolates crafted for your business. We will work with you on a custom design or a custom box of handmade chocolates or chocolate bars.


2. We Prepare the Chocolate

Our part is to prepare chocolates for you and your clients, employees or investors. When it’s all finished, we will send it to you to distribute or work with you on a plan to send it directly to your business contacts.


3. Enjoy the Taste

Now your client and employees will remember your relationship with every bite of Veni’s Chocolate. Get started with your own custom chocolate gift with your own company touch. 

Chocolate for your Corporate Gifts

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A Pound of Chocolate with Your Company Logo

This is the ultimate sweet gift for the people who help make your company what it is. Whether it is a client who faithfully frequents your business, or an employee who works hard every day, this gift shows your appreciation for their loyalty. Get started with your own corporate chocolate gifts. 

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