Gourmet Easter Chocolates

Handmade Easter Chocolates

Easter is a time of family celebrations. Don’t get Easter candy that tastes like a factory.  Our luscious chocolate candy evokes all the feels of home because it is carefully crafted by our small family business.

Imagine the look on your little ones’ faces when they listen to the history of Easter and open Easter chocolate boxes.

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Easter deluxe chocolate candy

Easter Chocolate Made Easy


1. Choose Your Chocolate

We have a large variety of delicious handmade Easter chocolates for you to choose from. Select a single type of candies or mix and match to make that beautiful Easter chocolate box.


2. We Prepare the Chocolate

We prepare your delicious Easter chocolates at our shop in northern Indiana. We’re able to keep the best quality control over our finished products by doing it all by hand.


3. Enjoy the Taste

Now comes to the best part! Take time to savor our chocolates as you celebrate Easter with those you love. We’ll ship your Easter chocolates to your door or you can pick them up yourself.

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A Custom Box of Easter Treats

Whether it is for your family, friends or a gift to pass out at the church, you can assemble your own gift box of Easter Chocolate Candy for your Easter Events. Simply choose the size of your box, choose the chocolate and we’ll send it to your door (or whoever you choose).

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