Sweetest Christmas Ever

Chocolate for the whole Family

Every year you look for the perfect gift to give to those special people in your life. And every year it seems to get more difficult to decide what to give. With Veni’s Sweets, the question is answered! Give the sweet gift of chocolate this Christmas season.

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Christmas Chocolate: Choose a Gift


Give the Christmas Gift of Delicious


1. Choose Your Chocolate

Part of the Christmas fun here at Veni’s Sweet Shop is getting to choose the chocolates that you would like from our wide variety of handmade delicacies. You can even create your own custom box with your favorite Christmas chocolates.


2. We Prepare the Chocolate

We carefully create each box of chocolates just for you. All our Christmas chocolates are handmade by our professional team of chocolatiers.


3. Enjoy the Taste

Experience the holiday season with delicious chocolates! We’ll ship your Christmas chocolate straight to your door or you can pick them up at our location in Northern Indiana.

Popular Handmade Christmas Chocolates

Your Custom Selection of Christmas Treats

Choose a custom Christmas Chocolate Candy combo of gourmet sweets, chocolate, and candy. Just choose the amount of pieces you want and fill the box to your liking and we will send it to the address of your choice (in the USA). It’ll be awesome! Trust us!

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